CareerCrate is the most effective tool possible for  enabling employers to reach out to current and future job and career seekers by advertizing themselves as employers of choice, and to advocate for those career types that are key to their continued productivity. Using video as a medium to more effectively interact with prospective employees is by no means a new concept, but having the correct platform on which to host it, is! Currently, most recruiting and career videos are only to be found on the websites of the organizations that they belong to, and lost in amongst the hundreds of millions of videos on YouTube.


Your Organization can broaden the viewership of its videos exponentially by having them showcased on a site dedicated to Career Videos, viewed specifically by career and jobseekers, both in your immediate vicinity, and further afield !


Welcome to CareerCrate


Our Audience

CareerCrate (www.careercrate.com) is an interactive video hosting website that focuses specifically on careers. We have created a free Career Exploration resource for scholars and students who have reached the point of deciding which career path they wish to pursue. Our viewers include school students, their advisors (parents and teachers), college and university students, as well as people who are or have been in the workforce already but are searching for a change in career. Our website is listed as a resource on government websites (local and provincial) across Canada, as well as university, college, school board and job center websites in Canada, the USA, and countries further afield.

What this means to your Business

CareerCrate has become a powerful instrument for your Human Resource and Recruiting departments to reach young people to advocate for those careers which of importance to you, particularly in those industries where workforce shortages are being experienced or forecast. In addition, you can showcase videos promoting your business as being an Exceptional Employer. CareerCrate can offer Companies and Organizations representation on our site by featuring one or more of the following:

● Short video interviews with employees in specific careers explaining the nature, requirements and most rewarding aspects of their job categories 
● In-depth documentaries promoting specific careers.
● Corporate style videos promoting specific industries.
● Corporate videos from Comapanies promoting  themselves as exceptional employers, and highlighting the benefits of working for them to potential employees.

● Presence on the site on the "Career Fair page"

Organizations needing videos produced for them can contact our production affiliate, Crate Media (see above).


CareerCrate will also host your human resource or career videos regardless of their source.

Advertisers can feature human resource, career education and educational commercials on CareerCrate. We feature both video and banner advertising. If your advertising requirements fit this profile, please contact us for pricing.

Contact number 416 788 014


Crate Media (www.crateprod.com)  is the video production division of the Crate Group. Specializing in human resource and career videos, Crate Media offers cost effective video solutions for medium to large businesses, assisting them in profiling their workforce needs and/or promoting themselves as exceptional employers. We also produce carefully crafted videos that promote key careers for organizations which are experiencing or forecasting workforce shortages. 


There are additional advantages to having Crate Media produce your human resource videos. As well as being recognized for producing the most cost effective videos possible, Crate Media is known to all it's clients, without exception, as always going the extra mile to ensure an end product that subscribes to the highest benchmarks of quality.


We assist our clients in formulating their budgets and ensure that we adjust our production methods to suit their needs. Our productions range from two or three person crews for low budget productions to large studio or location shoots, requiring substantial crew and equipment resources.


Crate Media undertakes productions from coast to coast in Canada, the USA, as well as in foreign locations.


Lastly, if desired, videos that Crate Media produce are loaded up onto the website of our affiliate, CareerCrate, (www.careercrate.com), which includes extra exposure under the "Career Fair" tab. Organizations having a presence on CareerCrate are given a dedicated page which holds all their videos, allowing them to be easily found in one location. The dedicated page also allows for a click through banner to the client's site, and a forum for communicating with interested job seekers.


Crate Media's showreel can be seen at www.crateprod.com.


Contact number 416 788 0144

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