The Crate Group is pleased to present it's newest aquisition, MojoStreaming Ltd. The Crate Group has recently bought majority shares in MojoStreaming, and has contributed additional resources to the developement of the channel.

About MojoStreamining:

MojoStreaming is a V.O.D. streaming video Web Network, that cater's to a niche audience – people who are passionate about wildlife. We offer Reality shows, Documentaries, Feature Films and Animated features, all focused on Wildlife. We differ from the other V.O.D. networks in that we offer a major additional drawcard to our niche market – live streaming cameras carefully positioned in Wildlife sanctuaries and on trails in reserves to ensure that our subscribers have 24 hour access to stunning live action footage of every kind of species imaginable in Sanctuaries around the world. At any given time, there will be a choice of streaming from cameras in multiple locations around the world available to viewers.

In addition we offer a few other value-added attributes to our network – 24 hr news focused entirely on wildlife, as well as an interactive area where our subscribers can not only post their own wildlife images and videos, but have the opportunity to make money from them.

It should be noted that although our network will attract mainly wildlife and outdoor enthusiasts, much of our content will be attractive to all viewers.

MojoStreaming - Where advocacy meets entertainment

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